facebook share text editing

oh oh oh!! i just learned something new. i love it when that happens.

i love it most when i learn it by myself, but this time i learned it from someone else.

you know how sometimes, when you share a link on facebook, the text that shows up is irrelevant?

did you know you can change it???? well, i didn’t. not ’til now.

this fine gentleman, Erno Hannink, has got some cool stuff figured out. 
like, how to change the text on a shared link, before you click “share”!
Read how to change the text, here.

i’m the first to admit, i don’t know everything about social media and networking. there is SO MUCH to know, and as with search engine optimization, they keep changing the rules.

so this is the inaugural post for our new “facebook tricks” category. watch for more. we’ll pack it full so you can do more, too!