SEO – our position

Here’s our take on Search Engine Optimization

SEO companies will make you crazy promises about being number one on google. Well, with an obscure enough keyword, ANYONE can be number one on google. What’s important, is STANDING OUT among your “competition” on google.

To accomplish that requires some basics:

  • good, clean coding
  • search-engine-friendly structure
  • attention to keywords in strategic places
  • content-rich pages with specific focus
  • well-linked pages – both internally and externally
  • patience

That last one is the most important. Solid search engine placement – that lasts – takes time. Sure, someone with some tricky software and a devious mind can shoot you to the top of the google rankings but unless you keep paying them money, you won’t stay there.

We strongly believe that search engine optimization is not something that should cost you a ton of cash. But it will cost you time. Which, i guess is money. So if you have money but not much time, that’s when you’d hire an SEO company (not us) to expedite the process.

Certainly, if you have ignored it until now, it’s going to cost you more than if you paid attention to it from the very beginning. But, even still, over time it doesn’t have to be a huge expense, because so much of it is just about thought & planning. You don’t need special software, or a subscription to some voodoo service, or even a “webmaster”. But if you don’t have time to analyze your traffic, and rewrite your content, and research the best keywords for your work… yep, it’ll cost.

Like we said above – most importantly, you need time & patience. With that, comes clear thought about your business and what your purpose is, who your market is, what makes you special, and why people should choose you over the competition.

Once you know that, implementing a search engine strategy is mostly common sense. Search engines want to deliver the most relevant website to their users. So, you make your website as relevant as possible to the search terms people are using that you want to be found on.

It’s not rocket science.

THE TRICK IS staying focused. Trying to be all things to all people all the time is not going to work. No matter how much money you throw at it.


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