What is content management, exactly?

Well, honestly, it’s not any more fancy or exciting than it sounds.

It’s managing content – copy, photos, pdfs, audio, video, articles, white papers, special reports, newsletters, etc – on and off your website, so it best serves you and your customers.

Some people may want you to think it’s some mystical thing that you need an expert to do for you. It can be. CONTENT CREATION is a whole other ball of wax that DOES require experts. We can help you with that. We know experts.

Can you create your own? Ya, sure. But, if it’s not something you’re adept at or enjoy, it can become tedious and challenging quite quickly… which is when it’s best to leave it in the hands of an expert. Good content has some standard “rules” that make it good content… and that varies by industry and intention. If content creation isn’t your business… you’re probably not the right person for the job.

Keys to content management – from our perspective – are:

  • logical & intuitive categorization
  • chronology – if applicable
  • well-written, informative, easy-to-read layout & design
  • appropriate “voice” – it needs to sound like YOU (or your company)
  • currency – meaning, it should be kept up to date at much as humanly possible
  • branding
  • delivering value to your visitor. If they don’t get anything from the content, what’s the *@%@! point?

Why you need to be concerned about your content management…

Um. Because it’s what people get when they come to your website or pick up your brochure… it’s that simple.

If your content – media that you are presenting to the public for consumption about you and your business – is out of date, out of alignment, off-brand, poorly written or inappropriately organized, it is not serving you… or your customer.

If your content is hard to find, un-searchable, incomplete, inconsistent, incomprehensible, and unattractive, it is not serving you… or your customer.

Here is a really good article that covers some aspects of why content management is important… (and you might want to get Pamela’s “design 101” series, too – it’s free, and very useful for small business owners).

Don’t want to deal with it?

We can help.

We can work with you to:

  • redevelop content that’s not working – we have some expertise, but we may need to help you find an expert in your industry
  • redesign content that’s not well-formatted or not getting the results you expect
  • reorganize your content so it’s more intuitive for your visitors and helps you give them what they need
  • reformat older content so it’s back on-brand

Contact us today to discuss YOUR content management needs.


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