So, you’re a small business with no marketing department.

We can help.

Everyone needs to market. Seriously. 

However, how much you spend on marketing should be guided by some basic principles around your business:

  • how much growth are you looking for?
  • how many clients can you reasonably handle?
  • do you want to be forced to hire more staff?
  • are you willing to turn down work?
  • how much time can you realistically commit to marketing when marketing is NOT your business?

IF you want growth, can handle more clients, would like to become an employer and are not willing to turn down work – or any combination of those  – then you need to market your business.

IF you can’t realistically commit to a few hours a week solely on marketing, then you need to hire someone to help you.

That’s the nutshell. Seriously.

We can  help. And we can find you other people who can help.

We do not claim to be wizard marketers – not by a long shot – but we can help you with some simple strategies, some planning, some marketing design. As a small business, though, it’s really going to come down to you and how seriously you implement your marketing.

If you have a budget, you can outsource your social media (to an extent… you still have to be involved), you can hire a publicist (again, you still have to be involved),  you can hire a marketing department, even.

Once YOU decide how much it’s worth to you, and commit to that, then your marketing can start to work.

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