Graphic work for print… where visions become reality.

The great thing about working in print, is that once you have a finished product, everyone who looks at it will see exactly the same thing… unlike working in web, where what is seen is under the influence of the monitor, operating system and device it’s viewed on.

We design:

  • business cards
  • rack cards
  • service brochures/flyers
  • logos
  • posters
  • postcards
  • cd covers
  • t-shirts and other promo items
  • banners
  • in-store signage
  • display ads for magazine & newspaper
  • display ads for online use
  • festival credentials
  • festival & theatre programs/guidebooks
We use stock imagery where needed – but also have illustrators & photographers in our corner if you need something original and have the budget for it.

Print work is based on our [intlink id=”37″ type=”page”]hourly rate[/intlink] and we do our best to give a flat rate quote whenever possible, so that you know what to expect. Print work can take as long as web work because there are so many available variables, and the tiniest details must be tended to to avoid flaws in the final product.

If you’re looking for some help getting an existing project to print, or need us to pick up a ball that’s been dropped, we can do that too.

Here are some examples:

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