women’s empowerment… huh?

ok. i know i’m going to probably offend somebody with this post.
That is not my intention, but well, i can’t please everyone all the time.

I have many women friends, whom i love and admire, who fully subscribe to the feminine power idea, and i think that’s wonderful for them. It just doesn’t resonate or connect to my soul in any way.

Here’s the deal… what is it with women’s empowerment projects/groups/websites? since when do women have to find their inner goddess or make love to a crystal, or use their divine breath, or connect to their channelled feminine power to BE REAL PEOPLE???

I’m not a girly girl, most of the time. My days of CFM heels & thigh-short skirts are over, tho i’m not opposed to a swirly skirt or curve hugging dress when the occasion befits. But i’m not a tomboy either.

What i don’t see is the need to define my femininity with purple or fairies or unicorns or swirly hearts.

and i get really turned off when i seek out inspiration for improving my voice as a woman and end up at a purple & pink website covered in angels and fairies and stars & hearts and wispy clouds and get told that i need to discover my divine feminine energy in order to be empowered…

Surely there’s a balance for women? do we HAVE to subscribe to that ethereal, swirly, girly-ness to be taken seriously as a woman? I find it annoying.

At the same time, I don’t want to have to be a Man in order to be a powerful woman.

Am I an anomaly? or am i missing the point somewhere?

This year i decided to take up the “word for a year” idea… choosing one word to use as a guiding force for my year to help me make positive changes in my life – as i wish to and as i see fit. The word i chose is “fearless”.

Is it fear, then, that causes me this disdain of all things “truly” feminine? Fear that i won’t measure up, or that i’ll “become one of them?” (hehe… and look what i found while researching this post – http://awakeningwomen.com/2010/12/28/are-you-resisting-fear/)

It seems, on an international/political scale, “women’s empowerment” is about giving women the tools to take control of their lives – education, information, permission, laws, advocacy… the tools & skills to be EQUAL on the planet.  THOSE things make sense to me.

But on a personal scale, it always seems to come down to purple.

Some examples of international women’s empowerment projects:

http://www.weif.org/ •  http://www.unfpa.org/gender/empowerment.htmhttp://www.undp.org/women/http://www.pathwaysofempowerment.org/

Some examples of personal women’s empowerment projects:

http://www.sapphyr.net/women/http://www.burstnow.com/1.htmlhttp://www.goddesshealingcircle.com/?p=325 • http://www.empowermentkeysforwomen.com/

I spent quite some time researching this idea today… and well, to be honest, most of what i came up with when googling “women’s empowerment” or “female empowerment” were the more internationally focused themes… i actually had a hard time coming up with examples of the purple, flowery, angelic sites i noted, using those search terms. Don’t know if is because they need my help optimizing their sites or if i’m just way off track in my rant here… 😀

I think all that feminine power stuff is important, and if you get something from it, then GREAT. Fact remains, i don’t. Or maybe i just don’t… yet.

i’m open to suggestions, and would love to have conversations about this topic. I don’t want to be afraid of it… but i need to find a balance of what’s ME and what’s my fear, right? So, teach me.