Do you work virtually, alone? Ya, so do we. well, alone, together, but alone nonetheless.

We can help.

Can you relate?

  • You have great ideas, huge plans, a ton of “things to do” and are struggling to achieve some balance in your life.
  • Your website is overwhelming you because it’s too hard to manage.
  • Your website is old and no longer serving you… but you just don’t know what to do with it.
  • You could use an extra hand but not quite enough to actually hire staff.
  • You know what you WANT to accomplish, but aren’t quite sure HOW.
  • You’ve got jobs that are important, but never quite as important as what you’re doing right NOW.

We specialize in reducing the workload and improving the results of independent professionals and small business owners.

Your business, your philosophy, your product, your service, your personality, your ethics, your knowledge, your brilliance – they are what you’re good at.

Leave the other stuff to us.
We can be your little secret.

Can we work together? Of course, because…

  • You are an independent professional or small business owner who has an important message or product to bring to the world.
  • You are forward thinking, visionary perhaps, and have a social conscience that you want to bring to your business.
  • You value people, community & connection over money, power & “stuff.”
  • You have your feet on the ground and your head is swimming with brilliant thoughts.
  • You work hard and deserve some time to have a life.
  • You are down-to-earth, have a good idea what you like and don’t like, and are open to solutions.
  • You know the wisdom of surrounding yourself with experts to support you in achieving your goals rather than trying to do it all yourself.

We are happy to give you an estimate and a free initial, no-obligation consultation* on how we can help you create the success you’re seeking. 

Today is the day. Now is the time. Reach out to us by email –


Kera McHugh
#1 Co-Pilot for Solo Flyers


* initial consultations are limited to one hour (what that ultimately means is… your first hour is free)

By the way, being a grandma is awesome.

Confused? Frustrated?
Just want to get it done??

You're in the right place,
We can help.

In these COVID times, it’s vital to be able to keep your website, online store or social media … and your audience… up to date.

We love to help and empower solopreneurs to take charge of your own web presence. 

Book a Tech Tutor sesssion and get over the hump on something that’s stumping you.

Just $1/minute. Book as long or as short as you think you need… run out of time? book another session! EASY.