So I was tuned into the Badass Conference today…one of the best things i’ve done in a while, i might add.

Among the many badasses interviewed, one was Tommy Walker. Now, admittedly, i’d never heard of Tommy before, and when his mug popped up on the video stream i thought, “hm, kinda looks badass, but what’s his story.” Longish story short, Tommy talked about getting on with stuff… about how excuses stand in our way and some of them we treat like cut grass on the path and some we treat like 12ft razor-wire electric fences…

He shared this post that he guest authored for Chris Brogan’s blog.

As I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan and his shit-free approach to things, i wandered over and took a look at this post. I figured if it was good enough for Brogan to post, it had to be worth a few minutes of my time too.

Lord love a duck.

There, staring in front of me was my complete (well, i don’t think i have 106 but i have more than enough) list of excuses… laid right out there in black and white and red. It’s like Mr. Walker had been peering over my shoulder (and we’re talkin’ Tommy here, not Johnny – those who know me will get that) for half my life, taking bloody notes.

So, i don’t want to hold you up from going over there and having your own little traumatic moment of “jeezus, is THAT’s what’s wrong with my life???”…

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

go on… i dare ya.

then come back here and share your best excuses for not getting on with it… we can have a little pity party and maybe then flush those all away and GET ON WITH IT.

The days of not getting on with it are O.V.E.R.

You have been forewarned.


 (and Happy Birthday, Helen… i’ll always remember the day you taught me what “elbow grease” was. <3 )

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