The Band Plans

You’re in a band. You ARE the band. You’re doing everything…

Something’s gotta give.

We do band websites that pick up the slack. Easy-to-update, search engine friendly, fan engaging, multi-media band websites that will let you spend more time making music…. and contribute to your marketing efforts… not giving you a headache.

We offer these plans because we’ve worked with tons of musicians – through festivals, venues & simply our circle of friends – and have seen a common thread… out of date websites, stuff that doesn’t work, social media that’s not integrated, and promo materials that don’t help the promoters promote you.

Why? Because MOST musicians are musicians, not web developers, and particularly not marketers. You’re making music because you HAVE to… because if you don’t you’ll die… because it’s what makes the blood pump thru your soul and there is no other option. You’re definitely not in it for the money. And your website should reflect that soul, not rip it out of you by being too hard to update, and too technical to manage from your iPhone.

We build band websites that reflect the feel of the players, the music, the message… and give you a platform to connect with your audience, and attract new fans.


Getting off the ground Plan

If you don’t have ANY kind of website except maybe a crappy old myspace page or a reverbnation account, then this is the plan for you.

This plan includes

–  1 yr domain name registration (in your name, you’ll own it completely, and will need to renew as necessary)
–  1 yr hosting (same deal, we’ll tell you where, you sign up & pay them yourself)
–  wordpress-based website (installation & configuration) on basic theme customized with your band logo/colours
–  integration with your other band tools (ourstage, reverbnation, nimbit, sonicbids… whatever)
–  if you choose not to use the other tools, we will add a gig calendar, mailing list signup and music player
–  social media sharing buttons as appropriate

You get total control over your site, can update yourself and make whatever changes you might feel inclined to do. WordPress is the premier blogging platform, so if you’ve always wanted to blog but didn’t know “how” this will get you going. We supply tutorials and are always available by email to answer questions.

(If you have a domain & hosting but haven’t gotten around to DOING anything with it yet, take off $100)


Fix and update Plan

If you already HAVE a wordpress site, but were left high & dry by whatever other friend said they’d help, or just can’t keep up with it yourself (because, after all, your talent is music, not necessarily this technical crap), try this plan.

This plan includes

–  upgrade wordpress to current release, including all plugins
–  update content as desired, up to 10 pages
–  fix problems with integrations or update site with integrations
–  update social media as required



Keep us updated Plan

If you already have a site that’s up to date, and you just need someone to KEEP it that way, we have a monthly plan that’s pretty cheap.

gig page only:

$10/gig – you email us your gigs, we’ll update your calendar

$35/m – 3-5 gigs per month, $55/m – 6-10 gigs per month, $85/m – 11+ gigs per month

A Gig update includes: adding to your calendar, updating any content as appropriate, and posting gig on your facebook page.

 gig page & facebook events:

$15/gig – you email us your gigs, we’ll update your calendar, including making a facebook event for your fans to join

$50/m – 3-5 gigs per month, $80/m – 6-10 gigs per month, $120/m – 11+ gigs per month

You have to make  us an admin on your facebook page for this one to work.


CD Cover Plan

Woot! You got the funding together to record a new album! A great cover can increase sales and give you a very effective sales tool for gigs & publicity. A great cover, tho, doesn’t have to cost more than the recording!

Cover design packages :
(prices include custom design & delivery of file to duplicating company. printing cost NOT included)

  • $150 for single sleeve (2 sides & label)
  • $200 for eco-sleeve (4 sides & label)
  • $350 for eco-sleeve with 4-page insert
  • $200 for traditional jewel case (4 sides & label)
  • Got a different format in mind? let’s talk!


I’ve got a benefactor Plan (or… I sold everything to make this happen)

Ok, so, someone besides your mom thinks you’re awesome and need to get better known. That is fantastic!

You’ve got some cashola to develop a web “presence” and do some marketing… and maybe record a CD, too!

This plan includes the “Getting off the ground” plan, with a bunch of extras (like custom EPK, MP3 download/sales, poster blanks, maybe some stickers or other “swag” design) and a super customized site design.

Basically, we’ll work with you like you were our best friend. We want you to succeed, and will support you in making your dreams come true.



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