damn writer’s block

Can’t get creative? Stuck on an article topic? Ahh the joy of writer’s block!

When I get writer’s block I tend to walk away from the computer and do something completely different. Hit the garden, go for a walk, do the dishes, watch inane television for a little while (it’s amazing what 20 minutes of Jerry Springer will do for one’s creative juices!) Anything to reroute the brain train and kick the creativity back into gear!

That’s why you’re getting a short little article today. Brain Drain, Writer’s Block, Creative Abatement, whatever you want to name it, it’s frustrating as a bag of nails with no hammer.

As a web designer, I am called upon to be creative much more often than I am when playing cook-for-the day at our house. Sometimes Kraft Dinner® is the best I can do! It’s those days when the family suffers most… first they have to eat boxed pasta and powdered cheese, and THEN they have to listen to me gripe about “what am I gonna do for…” this client or that client. And they really do HAVE to listen, cause I’m a bit relentless when I’m stuck.

Plug in the newest CD’s… Crank up the volume, open the door and let the wonderful summer pour into my office – that’s the most effective de-blocker I’ve found so far. Watering the greenhouse… after pulling up all those insidious morning glories… is a close second.

And now I’m going for a walk with my 9 year old neice to work off the KD.