do you WANT contact or NOT??

I spent a number of hours this weekend doing online research to compile a database of advertising contacts in tourism & realestate.

I have a question for all you tourism & real estate professionals/organizations out there.


Easily 75% of the websites I cruised, seeking the relevant information for whom to contact about our specific enquiry, resulted in NOTHING but a general phone number. SOME of them didn’t even have THAT!! Hotels, in particular – list your darn direct administration phone number – don’t waste your reservation desk time by making them redirect non-guest calls to the office.

My opinion – you are doing yourself, your staff, your potential partners/promoters, AND POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, a disservice by having just a generic contact form and no other information about how to get in touch with you.

Does your staff REALLY need to be answering questions that could easily be answered on the website? Who does what job, what’s their extension, what’s their email. Probably not. They could be doing something much more valuable.

Ya ya, you don’t want a bunch of solicitation… are you in business, or not?

Wouldn’t you rather that at least the solicitor had CORRECT information? It used to drive me crazy, i will admit, getting phone calls our restaurant – 3 years later – for the old owner. Our website had all the info… take the time and figure out WHO you’re calling, or i’m not interested in talking with you… generally.

Personally, i’d rather put the info out there, and screen my calls by whether or not the person did their homework before contacting me.

So – who’s going to be contacted for the opportunity that my client has to offer them? (which is a pretty screamin’ great deal for those in these particular niches) The ones who made it easy for us to contact the right person, the FIRST time.

Time is precious.

Making everyone’s life simpler by putting useful (AND EASY TO FIND) contact information on your website is GOOD for business.

< end of rant! >

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