getting your word out and finding clients

Today I ran across an excellent how-to article that fits exactly with my client base…

Top 10 Ways to Find Clients, by Kellye Crane at Solo PR Pro, shares great advice on finding clients by accessing who you know to generate new work, new connections and new directions.

Being a solo flyer is a tough job. You can often feel alone and adrift. It’s helpful to look back on your pre-solo days and consider the good connections you made, that you’ve maybe left behind. Unless you seriously charred the bridges, why not take a look thru that old rolodex and see who’s still on the map? In most cases, old colleagues are happy to assist you with finding clients – especially if you can help them in return.

Reconnecting can be great for business, and it can also be great for morale. You might just find a whole new set of allies who are ripe and ready to share contacts, ideas, solutions & work!

As Kellye starts out,

“You don’t have to attend every Chamber of Commerce meeting to make – or reinforce – valuable connections.”

If you’re anything like me, attending a Chamber mixer is way down on the bottom of your list, even though you KNOW it’s a proven source of business building resources. It maybe just doesn’t “feel” like you… I’m a terrible networker, in the old-school-hand-out-your-card-to-everyone-you-meet kind of way (i don’t even currently HAVE business cards, how lame is THAT?!). I’m not comfortable with upselling myself to total strangers. Yes, i got fired from McDonald’s for not upselling enough… it’s been a lifelong issue for me.

BUT… dropping a quick, friendly email to clients – old and new – is a little more palatable. One thing I like to do is include something relevant, newsworthy or useful to have a valid reason for dropping in, besides just asking for their referrals.

Take some time to think about how YOU would respond to an old colleague or client (that you liked) who breezed back into your world. Would you ignore them? Likely not. You’d probably do whatever you could to help them! So why wouldn’t they do the same for you?

If nothing else, you’ll get to reminisce about the “old days”, hear some new war stories and get a boost of energy that comes from a little down time from the myriad stressors of flying alone.

I recommend signing up for Kellye’s PR newsletter, too. Or,  you can just drop me an email… i’m here to help!

Stay tuned – we’re cookin’ up a DIY Marketing plan to help you get more from your social media, local press & word-of-mouth.

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