Are we – the 99% – making a difference? Occupy today.

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I say, unequivocally, YES!

Though some might wonder “what it’s all about,” ultimately, the Occupy Movement (to my mind, at least) is about awakening, engaging and empowering the average citizen out of their/our apathetic slumber…and into action. Action on inequality and injustice.

Even if that action is merely clicking “like” on facebook, it’s still more action than a very large percentage have taken before now.

“But they don’t have a goal, or a focus… how can they expect to achieve anything?”

I think that statement is nonsense.

The goal is to attract attention. The focus is on what’s wrong with the world as we currently know it.

As we are achieving that goal, worldwide, each pocket will narrow its focus. From there, specific actions will arise.

Look at it this way…

The Civil Rights Movement, according to wikipedia, officially lasted about 30 years, and was happening all over the world, for different reasons.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s actually still going on. Surely, in the early days of that movement (which should never have been a movement because if we were all rational human beings there wouldn’t have been a NEED for it in the first place) HUGE changes were made, but even those took years. The movement wasn’t laser focused on one issue, it had huge broad goals, and never, never, never quit.

The Occupy Movement has taken hold. It could be seen as the evolution of the civil rights movement… Civil Rights 2.0, so to speak. And so far, nothing has been done that should cause us to say “oh, cool, thanks, that’s all we wanted, we’ll go away now.”  Thus…

We are here to stay.

Even though “powers that be” may be evicting people from actually physically occupying Wall Street or any other street, park, plaza, lobby, steps or other visible location, they cannot evict us from our conscience.

They cannot stop us from talking to each other, to our neighbours, to our bank tellers, our teachers, our baristas, our children, our parents, bosses, clients, bus drivers, mail carriers, flight attendants, meter maids, police officers, mayors, CEOs…

We can – and must – continue the conversations that have begun. It is the conversations – and the actions that will rise from them – that will start to affect the changes we want to see. There are so many changes we want, it must be a multi-sided “attack” (in a peaceful and non-violent way, of course)…

We must each create conversation about the issues that matter to US…

We must get informed and educated so we can share that information and education…

We must support one another and find solutions…

We must work together and implement solutions…

We must commit to the long haul. This is not going to happen overnight.

Learn, share, participate, activate… see below.

Occupy Wall Street Up in Arms - All about the OWS protests



Occupy Resources:

(i will update this list as I find useful info, there is SO  much out there
– AND PLEASE LEAVE YOURS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!) – the seed planter. – the first sprout.

The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City (i chose to use the version on, so you can do some other good stuff when you’re done reading :D) – a hub for all of the events springing up across the world in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement.

OccupyCanada (facebook page) – a vast & growing documentation of the movement, with many specifics unique to Canada

Or just search Google.

Or watch it on YouTube.

Commentary & support:

Duane Elgin on HuffPost – on the power of “community voice”

YES! Magazine – ongoing updates

Nation Of Change – why the movement will succeed.

The Guardian – ongoing updates

And because I don’t think we should be blind to our own weaknesses, here is some other interesting reading:

The Occupy  Movement’s Woman Problem

How Social Media Distorts the Occupy Movement

Hm… Conrad Black on the Occupy Movement


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