the poor cobbler’s children…

… and their lack of new shoes.

They are in EXACTLY the same boat as my poor old website! 

I’m delighted that I am so busy with awesome clients that i don’t have time to update my own website… but that’s such a poor reflection on me as a co-pilot! Sheesh!

It’s shameful, really, that i don’t prioritize keeping my own garden tended… i preach it to my clients, i do it for my clients… i’m such a hypocrite!

So. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… (well, new year at least)… why not start with a new blog post!

I just want to say, I am blessed to be one of the lucky ones who had a GREAT 2013. Not much horrible stuff happened, lots of AMAZING stuff happened, I was busier than ever, life was good! 

Now to continue building on that. That is the main resolution for this year… keep getting better!

And now, i have to get back to work.

We’ll see how long it takes to get back to this….. wish me luck!

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