resolutions? no thanks.

I used to buy-in to new year’s resolutions. Set “goals” for myself. Assembled “treasure maps” and “affirmation boards” and the like. Wrote them down, posted them up, left chunks of them in the relevant spots all over my house.

Don’t think any of those things ever helped me get where i thought i wanted to go.

So, what do i do on the eve of a new year, now? Get thankful.

What i found with resolutions is that they limited me a little. For the first few months of the year, i’d re-read them, re-write them, reflect on them… and get upset with myself for not achieving them more quickly.

I wonder how many other things i didn’t accomplish while lamely attempting to accomplish what i’d put on my list?

Too many of those things were material-related. Having, owning, buying, acquiring… easy to do in your 20’s – focus on accumulation & getting. I didn’t have the life experience of my own to know that none of that matters. At least, not to me.

And that’s not to say that accumulating & getting makes anyone a bad person. So don’t think i’m sitting here all high & mighty about my anti-materialism, because that’s not it at all.

I’m still getting used to the idea of being free of “stuff”. Free of “goals” as a medal i need to feel like i’m worthwhile. These things are deeply ingrained in my psyche. But now i know better -for me. I can feel it coming, and I get very excited by the prospect. And it’s probably not for everyone.

These days, I like to reflect on what i’m grateful for leading up to the new year. The lessons learned, the friends made, the experiences experienced.

There have been some eye-opening, life-changing, heart-breaking things this year. But in surprising ways, i’m thankful for all of it.

What are you thankful for this year?

What experiences will you remember with gratitude? In particular, which events that initially seemed terrible, sad, bothersome or catastrophic at first, became things you can now have some gratitude about?

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