Today we’ll keep it short and sweet.

All I want to do today is recommend adding a short shift to your workday, or trading part of your day for another…


Have you ever had the joy of working in total silence?? If you haven’t made that happen, DO IT! For me, the most productive and enjoyable time at work is when I’m the only one awake – or at least the only one within earshot. Total silence is bliss when you’re trying to create, or meet a deadline… or just get organized!

When and how do you find silence in today’s nutty environment? Go to work early! Or arrange with your boss to shift your day by an hour in one direction or the other. If you work at home, like I do, get up earlier and put in an hour before everyone else gets up, or stay up later than the rest of your clan.

Most days I’ll put music on while I’m working – there’s apparently a scientific study which proves that listening to Baroque music while working helps you concentrate, I tend to agree – but there are those times, every few days, when I crave silence and stillness.

I haven’t made up my mind to take up meditation yet, but I get a great deal of peace out of being really productive during that occasional period of silence – and for me, that’s a step down the road to self-actualization!

So… find the silence, make the silence, demand the silence – once in a while. Your mind and spirit will thank you! (and so will your task list)

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