Stand up and say WTF????

Every day I become a little less tolerant of our so-called charter of rights & freedoms… precisely because our government seems to think they can just erode & eradicate the pieces within it at their whim & fancy.

Here’s a good example…

According to our friends at

The government is set to ram through a new set of electronic surveillance laws that will allow authorities to access private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. You’ll be forced to pay for this online spying scheme.

If you’re inclined, you might want to say NO! and WTF?? to this little imposition. Sign below to do so.

Here’s more information… educate yourself before you have no privacy nor rights to privacy left!

I want to make it clear… I’m an average, working-class Canadian. My leanings are far more left than right (in case that wasn’t obvious) but I’m by no means a libertarian nor anarchist, and can’t call myself a socialist, entirely, because, well, i’m a bit of a capitalist… so more a social capitalist. Does that make sense?

I think the government should stay the hell out of our bedrooms, and well, out of our homes entirely. I realize there’s a fine line between protection & invasion when it comes to the government, and I don’t have an answer as to how to define it better – yet.

I am deeply saddened by the state of our Canadian political landscape… we are lead by liars, cheats & thieves. Perhaps in their hearts of hearts they THINK they know what’s best for us, but they are not asking US what’s best, and they are making decisions that the MAJORITY of us do not agree are prudent, thoughtful, fair nor forward-thinking.

This cannot continue. I cannot sit by and watch the Canada I love become a pawn that is run by the elite and panders to the whims of corporate giants. And i will be doing my part to ensure that it doesn’t.


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