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Below is a copy of a letter you can print and send (postage-free) to the Governor General of Canada, imploring him to dissolve parliament and remove Stephen Harper and the Conservatives from office on account of their poor conduct and fraudulent practices. There is no postage required to send a letter to the Governor General. …

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Are we – the 99% – making a difference? Occupy today.

I say, unequivocally, YES! Though some might wonder “what it’s all about,” ultimately, the Occupy Movement (to my mind, at least) is about awakening, engaging and empowering the average citizen out of their/our apathetic slumber…and into action. Action on inequality and injustice. Even if that action is merely clicking “like” on facebook, it’s still more …

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What do I do now??

So, you’ve started a business… or decided that what you do for fun could actually make you a living if you got off your butt and pursued it. Now what? Well, from my experience, first you need some financial advice. You need someone to tell you exactly how to set up your systems to manage …

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