Because we ALL deserve better

Sonya Renee believes that what women deserve is something better… i would agree with her, but i wouldn’t stop there. We ALL deserve better – from our governments, our agencies, our service providers… ourselves. httpv:// Sonya Renee’s passionate piece about choice is just the tiny tip of the iceberg… choice about our bodies is just … Read moreBecause we ALL deserve better

get right-sized already…

recently i’ve engaged in a discussion on linkedin among other web professionals, about pricing. i was beginning to feel pretty ok – that my pricing was reasonable, thoughtful, affordable and not out of the realm of the reality of my trade. there were many of us who all worked within the same ballpark. then, today, … Read moreget right-sized already…

sleeping naked is green

ok – hey i’m on a hot streak… I haven’t read this many whole books in more than 4 years! So, the most recent one – just finished 20 minutes ago – is “Sleeping Naked is Green” by Vanessa Farquarson. [amazon_link id=”0470155108″ target=”_blank” ]Buy it online! buy it electronic![/amazon_link] I’d passed it over the first … Read moresleeping naked is green

voluntary simplicity

[amazon_link id=”0061779261″ target=”_blank” ][/amazon_link] This week, I finished reading [amazon_link id=”0061779261″ target=”_blank” ]Voluntary Simplicity (2nd edition)[/amazon_link]  by Duane Elgin. Amazing book. Wow. I think, though, what i found most amazing is that even though the book was originally written 30 years ago, very little in the world has changed as far as what STILL NEEDS TO … Read morevoluntary simplicity