damn writer’s block

Can’t get creative? Stuck on an article topic? Ahh the joy of writer’s block! When I get writer’s block I tend to walk away from the computer and do something completely different. Hit the garden, go for a walk, do the dishes, watch inane television for a little while (it’s amazing what 20 minutes of …

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just walk away

Is there a worse way to start your day than in conflict? I doubt it. Is there a worse conflict to get into than with your computer? Oh very certainly. But when your work day and your conflict with your computer start at the same time, in the same place, it can lead to total …

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stop & smell the roses

Ok, I didn’t say it first, but I try to repeat it often! This installment of Smarter Working Tips is directed to the self-employed workaholic… Is your office in your basement, like mine? Can you look out the window and see the sun blazing while you’re working? OR worse… is your office in your bedroom, …

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Today we’ll keep it short and sweet. All I want to do today is recommend adding a short shift to your workday, or trading part of your day for another… HUH? Have you ever had the joy of working in total silence?? If you haven’t made that happen, DO IT! For me, the most productive …

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keeping time

Ok… those deadlines… they’re a difficult thing to keep until you get into a routine – and unless you have routine work it’s even more difficult. But… there is hope. There are proven methods for structuring a project with a deadline to enable you to have half a chance of meeting the deadline – on …

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are you enthusiastic

© Rhoberta Shaler, PhD – www.SowPeace.com Enthusiasm, the dictionary tells us, means to have a strong excitement of feeling, something inspiring zeal or passion. In Greek and French it means to be inspired. It’s origins are, and its first definition, comes from the religious. An enthusiast is one who tends to become ardently absorbed in …

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conquer your clutter

Oh clutter… dear clutter… how we desperately avoid parting with you. You are our link to the past (I’ve had that so long), our reminder of the present (where did I put that phone number?), and our hopes for the future (I know I’ll need/use that someday). I have news for you… there’s a thrift …

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