We LOVE making digital easier for people who aren’t in love with digital… we LOVE giving good value for money spent… we LOVE our clients to look great on AND off line. 

Seriously, though, Kera is my secret weapon, my sounding board, my extra eyes, and my backup support and all while creating beautiful, effective websites and memes, managing marketing email campaigns, designing book covers, proof-reading articles and books, filling my social media schedules, and so much that my business depends on. I heartily recommend her to anyone wanting to bring their vision to life.

Our Mission…

  • De-mystify the process of developing and maintaining a website.
  • Provide reliable, creative, supportive services—design, content management, optimization, and more—to small business & independent professionals striving to make a difference.
  • Support the success & growth of our clients both online and offline through marketing, print materials, and administrative services and coaching.
  • Share our knowledge and experience with new designers and businesses who wish to do it themselves.
An enthusiastic creative who has your back! I love working with her - she’s always a font of knowledge about all things WordPress, has a sense of humour and listens, ponders, suggests. Then she rolls up her sleeves and does it!
Kera is always there for you. It might be a whole new website design. Or a tiny little piece of information that you're missing. The biggest thing is that you have a helper if you come to any hurdles that seem impossible to get over. Kera comes up with creative solutions and things will get figured out.

Our Services…

It can be a treacherous road from offline to online business. There are snakeoil vendors and gurus at every turn.

We see our job as part navigator, part commander, part scout and part packhorse.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • New websites – we work primarily with WordPress using Elementor Pro (drag & drop visual page builder) – We can build custom websites fairly quickly this way. WordPress allows YOU to have a lot of control over your content without having to fuss with the technical side of things. Once we’ve got you all set up, you can add pages, images, videos, notes, downloads, etc anytime you want, without our help.
  • Facelifts – if your content is pretty good, and working for you (getting you business), but you think you’re looking a little dated or uncool (remember, you look at your site all the time, most people who visit you do NOT, so they won’t see it the same way you do) we can convert your old site to a new site – either by implementing wordpress and updating your design, or just updating the design.
  • Overhauls – if you’re happy with how it LOOKS but it’s not achieving the results you’d hoped for, we can go thru page by page and improve the copy, update/upgrade your search engine optimization, tidy up the formatting, reorganize so it works better.

This is a particular area of enjoyment… editing is FUN! It’s not fast, but it’s definitely fun. Structural and Copy editing, even Proofreading; we’re here to help you get the best book possible.

Book Covers – front, back, and spine. The whole thing! 

Book Interiors – from frontispiece to blank back page, we love creating books that are reader-friendly and beautiful. 

There are lots of ways you might need support in boosting your business:

  • Youtube optimization
  • audio & video editing
  • social media content creation & scheduling
  • ebooks, paper books, booklets
  • business cards, brochures, rack cards – all those things that put you in front of people on and offline (and yes, it’s true, print is not dead)

We all have those jobs we just do NOT wanna do… data entry, data mining, research, mail merging, contact followup, newsletter building, etc. Believe it or not, we kinda like doing that stuff, and we have reliable, detail-oriented contractors who will handle it for you.

Confused? Frustrated?
Just want to get it done??

You're in the right place,
We can help.

It’s really important to be able to keep your website, online store or social media … and your audience… up to date.

We love to empower solopreneurs to take charge of your own web presence. Whatever platform you’re using, we can help you feel more confident and in-control of it.

Book a Tech Tutor session and get over the hump on something that’s stumping you.

Just $1/minute. Book as long or as short as you think you need… run out of time? Book another session! EASY.