What we do

We LIKE creating websites… we LIKE giving good value for money spent… we LIKE our clients to look great on AND off line. Three really great reasons to consider hiring us! Here are some others:

“My web presence – and all the rest of my entire identity – could not exist in the amazing form it does, without your talent, creativity and commitment to quality. Thank you.” Rhoberta Shaler, PhD Founder,  www.SowPeace.com

Our Mission…

  • To de-mystify the process of developing and maintaining a website
  • To provide reliable, creative, supportive services – in design, content management, optimization and more – to small business & independent professionals striving to make a difference
  • To support the success & growth of our clients both online and offline through marketing, print materials and administrative services and coaching
  • To share our knowledge and experience with new designers and businesses who wish to do it themselves
  • To support the implementation of web standards while providing our clients with efficient, effective service

“I appreciate your ability to suggest things and think both inside, outside, and on top of the box.” Ben Dean, PhD Founder & President, MentorCoach, LLC www.MentorCoach.com

Our Services…

It can be a treacherous road from offline to online business. There are snakeoil vendors and gurus at every turn.

We see our job as part navigator, part commander, part scout and part packhorse.

Here’s what we can do for you:

WEB PRESENCE – [intlink id=”18″ type=”page”]complete web services here[/intlink]

  • New websites – we work a lot with WordPress, and really love it (and think you may, too) – it allows YOU to have a lot of control over your content without having to fuss with the technical side of things. Once we’ve got you all set up, you can add pages, images, videos, notes, downloads, etc anytime you want, without our help.
  • Facelifts – if your content is pretty good, and working for you (getting you business) but you think you’re looking a little dated or uncool (and remember, you look at your site all the time, most people who visit you do NOT, so they won’t see it the same way you do) we can convert your old site to a new site – either by implementing wordpress and updating your design, or just updating the design.
  • Overhauls – if you’re happy with how it LOOKS but it’s not achieving the results you’d hoped for, we can go thru page by page and improve the copy, update/upgrade your search engine optimization, tidy up the formatting, reorganize so it works better.


  • Social Media integration – love your website but don’t have a clue how to hook it up with your facebook fan page, or your twitter feed? we can do that for you, and then some.
  • Social Media setup – you’ve heard about this thing called Social Media, you are pretty sure it’s a bandwagon you need to be on, but have no idea where to start. We can get you going – set up your pages & accounts, teach you what’s what about them.
  • See our QUICK FIX menu for no-commitment options on this stuff ——->[intlink id=”223″ type=”page”] Click Here.[/intlink]

“I looked for over ten years to find a webmaster like Kera. She has been a blessing to our business and I recommend her wholeheartedly. Not only is she a great designer, she is a businesswoman who readily grasps what you want to do. She is extremely responsive and professional” – Allan Boress, author, www.allanboress.com (note, Allan has since moved on, so his new website is not our work, but we still appreciate what he had to say about us.)


On AND offline marketing.

Yes, yes, the web may be all the rage, but chances are good you’re going to have to meet someone in the flesh and tell them about your business, or give them something to remind them of you. Print isn’t dead yet – and if it’s done in a conscious, sustainable way, it can even make you look GOOD! There’s push & pull in marketing these days – we can help you with both directions.

  • business cards, brochures, rack cards – all those things that put you in front of people who don’t have a computer handy
  • media kits (particularly downloadable ones, so they’re only getting printed when absolutely necessary, but look GREAT when the time comes)
  • ebooks, books, booklets, product covers/labels
  • landing pages, online offers, contact list collection, data management
  • eNewsletters, print newsletters, reports, white papers, portfolios
  • banner ads, google ads, print ads
  • audio & video transcription
  • market research
  • social media marketing
  • article & blog submission


We all have those jobs we just do NOT wanna do… data entry, data mining, research, mail merging, contact followup, newsletter building, etc. Believe it or not, we kinda like doing that stuff, and we have reliable, detail-oriented contractors who will handle it for you.

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