how much does it cost?

It costs what it costs. I know that must sound ridiculous, but it’s true.

You tell us your budget. We’ll tell you what’s possible for that amount.

New websites – MEANING, it doesn’t exist right now.

The AVERAGE site we build runs in the neighbourhood of 12-25 hours to get from zero to a basic working site. Then we have to work with copy & content – the more final it is when you send it to us, the faster (and cheaper) we can go… ([intlink id=”392″ type=”page”]Here’s an amusing parable[/intlink] that illustrates WHY.)

If you want a WordPress site, we can start with a theme you like, and that will significantly reduce development time. (There are literally 1000’s of free ones – start here…, or you can buy “premium” ones starting at around $40+). CUSTOM theme design is available. Most people don’t need that.

Note we said average–we’ve done fully functioning sites in 2 hours, and we’ve done tough, convoluted jobs that have taken 225 hours–We do our best to stick within your budget, as we know how important that is.

If we run into issues that need tweaking or revising as we go – we’ll often just fix them, at no extra charge. Sometimes a website has to be used for a while to know if it’s all working as well as it can.

After the design & working site have been completed, we have maintenance. Maintenance is mainly updating & revisions of copy & content, adding more pages as needed, that weren’t included in the original quote. Doing the stuff that you don’t have time nor inclination to do, once the initial project is complete.

Then there’s optimization. Much of it we’ll do as we go, but if we’re coming into an existing site, it’s generally better to approach this as a separate project.

We don’t really like hourly billing for new site creation. We prefer to present a flat rate with a specific list of deliverables, so you know exactly what to expect.

For the purposes of ballparking, NEW wordpress site design & development runs around $75/hr. Maintenance/updating of an existing site is about $50/hr.  Average somewhat custom site takes around 30 hours… usually. Give or take. (see it’s not cut & dried…)



Facelifts to existing wordpress sites

If you already HAVE a wordpress site, but it needs some freshening up, or new functionality, we can definitely help.

We recommend a conversation with a real-time look at what you have now… and you tell us your vision.

From there we’ll offer up a flat rate for the facelift, and we can discuss maintenance going forward, after that.


Conversions TO wordpress

Got a straight html site from the old days, or using a different cms and want to go to wordpress? We can help with many of those!

What you have to start with – and where you want to end up – will determine the costs… again, skype meeting and a real-time look at your website will help us get a quote together.


Ways we save you money:

We feel that as designers & developers we have a responsibility to use all the tools available to us to keep your costs down.

We use WordPress. An open source content management platform that is free for anyone to use. (that doesn’t mean you get a free website from us… for that, you’re on your own.) 

A basic wordpress site can, theoretically, be created by anyone. And without a lot of technical knowledge you can totally DIY a basic, functional, website. But for something more than basic, chances are, if you don’t already know it, you don’t have time (or desire) to learn it, and mess about making it do what you want. And why would you spend your valuable time not working on your business? That’s why you’d hire us.

We will project manage for you too. If you know what you want, but aren’t quite sure how to get it done, we can help you pull the pieces together and oversee the development/execution.

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