search engine optimization

That voodoo magic that “they” say is the be-all and end-all of everything interent

So, what’s the deal with that stuff? Is it REALLY as important as they all say it is?

Well. Yes. and no.


How can we say “yes and no”? How can it not be important?


It can be “not important” if you don’t have the time or inclination to pay attention to it.  It can be “not important” if you are not willing to accept that it’s a time-consuming and ongoing job. It can be “not important” if you’re satisfied with the traffic or results you’re getting with your website right now. Simply… some people don’t care. And we’re not gonna make you care.

Do you want people you don’t know personally to come to your website? or do you just want the people that you TELL about your website to visit it?

Do you want to expand your market to include people outside of your local newspaper distribution area? Or are your neighbours enough?

Do you have dreams of becoming a household name? or are you happy being recognized in the phone book?

Do you have a competitor? Or are you the only one on the planet doing what you do?

Really? it involves all that?

Well, SEO alone can’t make you a household name, but it sure can help. SEO alone can’t push your sales thru the roof, but it can definitely help. SEO alone won’t bring the droves to your door… but it’s a lot less work than driving them there in your car.

There are basic SEO techniques that no website should really be without. Those we include in our basic work. They are intrinsic to the process and cannot be ignored. Then there are a whole array of other, more sophisticated approaches that serious marketers and companies with a marekting department should consider. Somewhere in the middle are things that can be done to help you, that only require a little effort and cost if you’re patient enough to let them work.

Here are some further thoughts on that.

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