our head-ache free approach

A website is a great option for a one-person show – your website can become your publicity manager, your receptionist and your mail room clerk. Now you’re a four-person operation!

But websites can be a massive headache, especially if they are not something you relate to. You are not alone – there are millions of soloprenuers out there who don’t understand why you need a website (or some kind of online presence). It’s a hassle, it’s a burden, it’s one more thing…

We specialize in working with solopreneurs, artists, entertainers… solo flyers who need a co-pilot. To take over that burden and leave you to what you do best… your business!

So you have this crappy website that you hate, and have no idea what to do with it…

Maybe you got inspired one day and you built your site yourselfand you’re not a web designer – and now it’s just not working for you. Maybe you signed up at blogger.com or bought a domain name and your hosting provider had some cool online site building tool. Maybe your favourite niece discovered FrontPage on her computer a million years ago and offered to do it for you. Whatever the case…

Consider having us fine tune your site.

  • clean up & validate your coding
  • work out any bugs
  • update/streamline your design or site structure
  • implement or tidy your style sheet so your site renders more consistently
  • make sure it’s Search Engine and mobile-friendly

If you bought a website from somewhere and don’t know what to do with it… we can help with that too.

Sadly, we’ve seen this way too many times. So-called “easy, one-stop websites” are rarely either. They come with a bunch of pages that don’t suit your needs (or are completely unnecessary) and perhaps graphics that require tools, you don’t have, to edit them. We have the tools. Or maybe you signed up for one of those website builder tools online… and they want to charge you more money to add more pages or add basic features that will make your site actually work! Pshaw!! That is a scam. Period.

And if you’ve done NONE of those things, we also offer [intlink id=”167″ type=”page”]custom-designed sites, or template-customized sites[/intlink], to fit your budget. We use WordPress. We can use other things too, but WordPress is our favourite.

Our “headache-free” model works like this:

  • we schedule a consultation
  • during the consultation we go through your existing site (or your vision) in detail
  • we discuss what works, what doesn’t, what you’d like it to do/look like
  • we discuss possibilities that maybe you hadn’t considered yet
  • we go away and work up a quote
  • you like the quote, we work together… you don’t like it, we discuss or provide you with our assessment to shop around, and you move on
  • end of story.

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