what’s the buzz

PLEASE tell me what’s a’happenin’…

do you find yourself drowning in facebook? i do. it’s like craving caramel cone explosion haagen dazs… there’s no way i’m putting it down until it’s all gone.


this is something i’ve been trying – with little success – to evaluate about myself.

obviously i’m using it to procrastinate from doing something else. what i don’t get is why – when i know darn well the “something else’s” are things that would increase my business and my revenue, or cause me to have an actual conversation with a human, face-to-face.

what does that say about me?

  • am i afraid of being successful? what on earth could possibly happen, if i was successful, that is so ridiculously scary??
  • do i lack the confidence to “git ‘er done” because i’m not sure there will be something next?
  • is it comfortable to struggle and scrape by because that’s what i’ve known most of my adult life?
  • am i worried my social circle would change if i was more successful?
  • would I change???

on a multiple-times-a-daily basis, i find i must FORCE myself to close facebook and get on with my life. am i unusual? do other people have that problem? i can read the same thing over and over again – some days, it seems, for hours… WHY??

i’m super-curious to know if other people face this same issue… and how you deal with it. IF you deal with it, or do you choose to ignore it and keep on facebooking. have you set up rules for yourself? do you use a timer? do you use greasemonkey scripts? do you beat yourself up about it?

please share your facebook confessions…

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