who we are

somethingelse is a consortium of skilled & experienced designers, marketers, administrators and entrepreneurs.

We are global. We are local. We are everywhere. We are nowhere. Welcome to the internet, kiddies.

We believe in small sustainable business, and that success is truly attainable if you know clearly what you want… we’re here to help you get what you want.

We believe in honesty and integrity, and strive to uphold a strict mandate of professionalism while still having fun. We laugh a lot.

We believe in service, service, service. (we repeat ourselves when having fun) if at any time you think our service could be improved, we urge you to laugh… and then let us know.

In short, we just want to make business and weblife easier for the people who choose to do business with us, and the people who then do business with them… and so on, and so on.

Our combined 120 years of work background includes: commercial graphic design, marketing for the entertainment industry, management & administration in the non-profit sector, youth work, theatre, music, talent management, interior design, magazine design, book design, creative direction, corporate administration, child rearing, event planning & production, conference planning, workshop facilitation, volunteer management, mental health work, animation, world travel, executive/celebrity travel planning and gourmet cooking & baking! (there are probably a few other things too, but who’s counting?)

We hope you’ll join us!



Also known as “the queen of everything.” That should sum it up pretty well. She started somethingelse support studio in 1998, as an after-work project when a friend needed help with a website. It was a great excuse to spend time on the internet.

Over and above being the #1 Co-Pilot here, kera is an active volunteer in her community and online. She is involved with Transition Town Comox Valley, ArtsWest Festival, Cumberland Museum & Archives, Kiva, #OWS, Oxfam, LeadNow, GirlUp and more.


ian is the “ideas guy.” his brain never stops, and he can easily go way outside the box. A wizard with words and a visual thinker, ian is a master at capturing thoughts and pulling them into pictures, and capsulizing large concepts into short, profound taglines.

in his “real life” ian is a visual artist and writer, coffee & wine lover, and crazy-inventive chef. He is also kera’s other half, so gets dragged along to help out at stuff when he’d rather be watching the leafs play hockey.


meg is our marketing strategist and event planner extraordinaire. a fiery redhead who gets stuff DONE, she’s our voice of reason and governance specialist. a long-time community activist for social justice and democracy, meg is the business-minded free spirit we all aspire to be.

in addition to helping organizations work better, or teaching boards how to be more effective, or selling a show, or executing an event, meaghan is a new mom and musician.


our social conscience and journalist. meghann is a hard-hitting writer who is emerging on the political scene as woman of substance  on topics of community building and social justice. she’s also a bit of a social media junkie.

mom of four, meghann is an active volunteer for amnesty international and recently campaigned to be mayor of her city. she is pursuing a degree in anthropology and journalism, and will probably change the world.


crazy-mad-typist… dedrie brings a wide range of experience, from medical transcription to club/restaurant management. she handles our transcriptions and is available for other administrative tasks, too.

when she’s not typing, dedrie is a sci-fi aficionado and plays a pretty mean trumpet.


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